Petroleum Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing department sells crude oil, gas and petroleum products to all domestic and international markets, creating a massive distribution network to fit the market.

We pursue an effective marketing policy and owns a developed infrastructure for the sale of petroleum products in the domestic and international markets. Hence, we have a strong business partnership with shipping and logistics company, for the distribution of crude oil products and also through pipeline bunkering facilities which helps minimize transportation cost.

As an oil and gas company, we continuously monitors the economic efficiency of the oil monetization channels, which helps it maximize the share of high-margin channels in the overall sales structure.

Our Company Services

Crude Oil  Refining

As an oil company, our refinery facility can produce up to 120 million barels of oil per day, along side other major by-products of crude oil in a large volume.

Gas Export

As part of our operational services, "Jinyi Oil & Gas LTD" , exports large volume to the european market place. And also we a strong supply chain reaching out to major international clients.

Oil Drilling Exploration 

Our company crude oil drilling exploration is being carried out by our teams of experience engineers, who constantly emplore the modern technics of crude oil drilling to reach a maximum output.

Sales & Marketing

Our manufactured and refined crude oil products are exported to all nooks and cranny of the world. We have business partnership with major shipping logistics company to convey products to prospective clients.


For Business Enquiries & Quotes

Address:  9th km. Hazar Balkanabat highway Khazar, 745030 Turkmenistan.
Phone: +993 62 89 14 98
Working Hours: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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